Tuesday, July 10, 2012

your no comments

i'm writing to you
yes i'm writing to you

and your no post a comment
and your no post a comment
and your no post a comment
and your no post a comment
and you post no comments

and I'm writing to you
and i'm writing to you
and i'm writing to you
and i'm writing to you
and i'm writing to you.
and your no post a comment

yes i'm lousy
yes i'm lousy
yes i'm lousy
yes i'm lousy
yes i'm lousy

and you are the writer
and you are the writer
and you are the writer

but you'll comment to them
and you'll comment to them
you comment to them

fed up
fed up
fed up
fed up

and they all comment
and they all comment
and they all comment
and they all comment
and they all comment

and they get it
all of them get it
and i get that they get it
and you get that i get it

and your no post a comment

Saturday, January 14, 2012

follow up visit

who stepped on you and cut you with poison
hungry cry baby nurses on the last pocket of gland
wetting itself
gushing heart held high
eat it

nurse your autonomy
but nurse nurse nurse
drink all cuddle glass in the mouth broken pins
to watch
watch it then strychnine coma
fur and noise under magnifying glass curls up shrink, poof, gone,
sun another!

I handed you
re edit, paste, bake, cough, hate
what a lovely kitty

and they're all like you
shell hard reptile roses
sweet pretty roses spit
each and every one identical in empty eyes
reptile brain hose
all must eat
each other not
crusty plankton by the ton does not fill

touching it now withers
I want for you
is what happened when she was 12
but never will
want for you shmuffin
off road wet blueberry dough still burning ash
it must be time
shit I'm late

in order

what can it come to mean?
who is not really it and the face is lost
it can't be true if when he was who he was,
then was not who he was, was who she did so not see,
and she so did not, and she said it and insisted so, on and on,
look away and she did it again, said it to a stranger

why must they be right -when due- looked best?
arrivaled, luggaged, smile on time
the rhyming sweating metal text
it hurts my teeth
fungal tell, body language lying cream enbombed
all fastenered, buckles, wrinkle leather straps and visa

I waited for my dream
in line with others
in order

prick pointy kissing
it's on baby
fish smellish green and muscle chemicals togethered
not fuck
and then a drop of blood

welcome a doily wrapped in soiled piss
or welcome

Saturday, January 07, 2012


Last week I moved my work space out of the living room and into a small room on the 2nd floor of our house. Today I'm clearing stuff out and setting it all up so I can work up here. I'm very happy to have a private space again. I was in the living room and could never do any work because of needing to keep things tidy and hidden too, I draw boobs and stuff, for some privacy. It wasn't working at all. Now it's better and I'm looking forward to getting going again more on my own terms. It's necessary but, I didn't see it. It's a good change. Need to find a job too. It cost us a lot for me to focus on art so long.

Paula loves the new living room. She hangs out there with her laptop, writing and surfing, and she smiles a lot more.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

what drawings!

We walked to the AGO today, Paula and I in -9. We saw Gillray and Goya and Oh it was wonderful. A show of prints titled 'Humor That Bites'. I guess you can call drawings that made people want to imprison and kill them something like that. Although now it's more like 'Not So Funny Anymore Art That Once Bit'. But really it was such wildly wonderful work! And I'll be going back again a few more times just to sit surrounded in every direction by this fantastic stuff. I'm going to draw there like I'm in a coffee shop with them.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

a swallow

I haven't posted here in a long time. For the last year I've mostly been drawing with a brush pen. Mostly in coffee shops. Pentel makes the best brush pen. It's an exquisitely sweet tool. Doesn't leak and the flow is perfectly predictable. The Toronto Coffee Company on Lansdowne makes a great coconut latte. It's thick and has some vanilla. They're new in our neighborhood. Very nice people too.

Mostly I go with Paula. We're doing quite badly right now. With love evaporating and leaving stains, like salty sweat marks on old baseball caps. I wish I knew what the connection was between the work I do and the life I live. I can't really find it. Maybe if I can try to write and draw on the same days, for many days, maybe I'll find the link. I draw in very different ways without any understanding of why. These different styles.

I know that when I turn to drawing I'm usually trying to find my way back to a state of grace, because I'm in pain. I don't think I approach the work with something to say. I just want to feel connected again. To anything. Even to paper. Once I get there I feel safe.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Me and Mark Connery went out together drawing on Thursday. I thought we were just going to lurk and sketch. I love drawing people doing anything. Mark had a whole other idea and it was really fun. He's a pro at this. We just passed the drawings back and forth and got to know each other chatting away and making marks.

The waitress was really sweet at this University pub we settled in at. She left us alone for long periods of time and was delighted we were doing something interesting. I told her these were plans for a bank heist and we needed some input. The place was practically empty when we arrived about 7:30 pm, but it slowly filled up. And got shrieky noisy, due to an adjacent co-ed. The cell phone reception was bad in this place for some strange reason. The closer you got to the urinals the worse it got. Mark's long distance East Coast romance and he had a long distance call date to connect their long distance hearts. The bad reception ruined it.

It was bitter cold that Thursday. Mark said that when he went out to smoke the pub's music changed outside. Like there were 2 mixes. I wondered if one was to attract you in, and another was for when you were in. Like a secret society shunning unwanted patrons. Mark does mixing so he's really aware of the ambient noise in a way I'm kind of oblivious. When we left the pub he tried to demonstrate the differences. But it didn't reoccur. We shook hands and parted. Now I have 3 of the 6 drawings we did together. We flipped a coin and picked like kids making teams. I got all the ones with lots of Mark's work and I think he sort of did the opposite with his 3. We like each others styles.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

words by paula drawing by larry

Larry said let’s go to Starbucks and you’ll write about someone we see and I’ll draw them. And I said, yeah like that loud guy we always see there talking to someone new every time, we can do him. Then we got there and sure enough he was there. But I don’t think he’s a bum.

One time we were sitting down with him and talking to him and our twelve year old son Jacob was with us and he was warning Jacob to always listen to his parents, us, because he knew. And Jacob was buying a new cell phone from earning money from shovelling snow and he was telling Jacob which guy to talk to in the Rogers for any problems he might have. And then he noticed my cell phone and said, oh yeah, the little chocolate bar, which is a good way to describe it, it’s very thin, and that he used to have the same one. Then he showed us the cell phone he has now and then the other cell phone he also has now.

So I was ordering Larry and me our coffees and he left his chair and was beside me telling me how there’s e-bay cards on the internet for seven hundred dollars, how he couldn’t believe they were for seven hundred dollars, then he showed me his Paul McCartney Starbucks card and said he looked it up and it was only worth one dollar. Which didn’t seem right to him.

I didn’t have any idea what he was talking about. But I had to agree his Paul McCartney Starbucks card did look very nice. It was much more unique-looking than my Starbucks card. And feel sorry for Paul McCartney that his value was so low in whatever internet assessing plastic card world he was talking about.

But I didn’t ask him what he was talking about because I didn’t want to talk to him even though one time we had been sitting down together and the audiences of each other.

For once the pair of comfy soft purple chairs had become available – people were getting up and leaving them - and Larry grabbed them. What I said about their availability he responded to with more commentary.

I sneezed hard two times and he said bless you, you could tell it was bless you, but in a language I don’t know, it sounded like Yiddish, in his same loud voice that cut through the coffee shop and reverberated, two times too.